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Mexican Style Rojo
Original Taco Recipe

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Image of <font color=red>Mexican Style Rojo</font><BR>Original Taco Recipe
  • Image of <font color=red>Mexican Style Rojo</font><BR>Original Taco Recipe

This terrific sauce has set the standard against which all future taco sauces will be measured. Our sauces are manufactured using the finest natural ingredients. There is nothing here you need a dictionary to help you pronounce or a chemistry degree to decipher.

This is an incredible product with a versatility that will allow you to use it on a variety of meals to add an extra touch of flavor whenever it is needed. This go to sauce is sure to be a can’t miss in your household and a hit with your family and guests.

DESCRIPTION: A standard red Mexican style hot sauce. Great flavor with a little heat.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Fresh Cayenne chiles and spices mix to give you a great tasting, versatile sauce for all things South and North of the Border. Medium Heat. The perfect complement to turn any meal into a heavenly delight.

INGREDIENTS: Red Cayenne chiles, vinegar, spices, salt.

PACKAGING: 5 oz. bottle

HEAT INDEX: 4/10 (original Tabasco = 4)

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