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Make Tacos Great Again!
Original Taco Recipe

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Here at Taco Jesus Hot Sauce our mission is and always will be to make tacos - and everything else you eat - great again. Why settle for an ordinary boring condiment when you can spice up your next meal using a divine product like our original taco recipe hot sauce?

Pick some up today, and while you're at it why not spread the Taco Gospel by picking up a few extra bottles and sharing them with your friends?

FLAVOR PROFILE: Fresh Cayenne chiles and spices mix to give you a great tasting, versatile sauce for all things South and North of the Border. Medium Heat. The perfect complement to turn any meal into a heavenly delight.

INGREDIENTS: Red Cayenne chiles, vinegar, spices, salt.

PACKAGING: 5 oz. bottle

HEAT INDEX: 4/10 (original Tabasco = 4)

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